Updated 2018.08.16. 

MRTD Lab is currently looking for: 

- Potential PhD student positions in BME upon pending grant fund status.  Our MRTD lab has several ongoing funded projects.  Please apply into the BME PhD program at IIT.  Dr. Kawaji primarily employs the GRE writing score, personal statement letter (i.e. how well can you write), and the technical rigor (and grade) of the applicant's undergraduate/masters coursework in recommending prospective applicants for PhD program admissions.  

- Masters students in BME and other related fields to work on several modular 3-6 month research projects in both individual and team settings. Whether you have a highly quantitative (i.e. math) background, a more hands-on (i.e. engineering design), or a prior software development (i.e. computer science), or any other (e.g. Public Policy; see student bio here) MRTD has several research projects that are immediately available for the Spring 2018 semester and potentially through the summer.  All prior backgrounds are welcome!

- Undergraduate students in BME (in Sophomore-Senior and co-terminal; 2nd-4th, as well as 5th years) for independent study research for credit or fellowship. Past students have successfully completed mentored research under: Armour College PURE/MIND programs, Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), and BME Summer Immersion (ENGR 499, 599) summer research courses.

- While the PhD/Postdoc-level personnel in the MRTD laboratory is currently filled, we have collaborators at the The University of Chicago Medical Center who may be also looking One or two Postdoc-level researchers in either or both:

a) MRI pulse sequence programming (experience with Philips PARADISE, GE EPIC, Siemens IDEAL preferred; additional experience with Recon development or clinical post-processing is a plus)

b) Software Engineering and Biomedical Instrumentation (experience working directly with clinical instruments for MRI and/or software algorithm development in the healthcare setting would be a plus)

- We also welcome Research Exchange students from other institutions.  

If interested, please contact Dr. K by email with the heading:

"MRTD Research Opportunities"