About MRTD Lab

MRTD Laboratory (2018-) at IIT

The MRTD Lab is based in Wishnick Hall of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)'s main campus.  


Brief Timeline of the MRTD Laboratory (2014-2017) at UCMC

Following a ten-month period (Jan – Oct 2014) during which an engineering research infrastructure for MR technology development research was established in the Department of Medicine at UCMC; the MRTD, or Magnetic Resonance Technology Development Lab, was formally conceived in October of 2014 as an independent research entity with a $40,000 pilot research award from the Institute of Translational Medicine.

MRTD was one of the first staff-scientist led research laboratories within the University of Chicago (UofC)'s Biological Sciences Division, which followed the non-traditional laboratory model in “accomplishing large, creative and ambitious projects, including inventing the means to do so.” (From Article: Biology needs more staff scientists. Steven Hyman. Published in Nature, 16 May 2017). MRTD first served as a technical research wing of the Cardiac MRI program in the Cardiac Imaging Center at UofC, and gained grounds into key collaborations with UofC’s Neuro MRI program as its foundational engineering research infrastructure became an essential component for investigators who need new technology development on the MRI at the UCMC. 

There are a few notable contributions from the MRTD lab outside of the regular research space; these include: a) becoming one of the first Globus users for providing publicly available data, and b) successful participation in the innovation corps (i-Corps) program as MRTD, and c) establishing key industry collaborations towards building novel MRI systems technologies.



Wishnick Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology

3255 S Dearborn Street, Suite 314

Chicago, Illinois USA