Our research focuses on the engineering development and validation of novel quantitative MR image-based biomarkers that can detect both presence and extent of tissue disease (ischemia) and damage (infarction).  These quantitative approaches can help clinicians in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of conditions such as acute and chronic heart diseases, as well as neurovascular strokes in emergency room settings.

Our work focuses on the clinical translation of novel, multi-parametric, MR-based quantitative and semi-quantitative assessments for both heart and brain. Specifically:

a) making further improvements to the engineering design of emerging approaches in terms of scan time reduction, data sampling efficiency, as well as accuracy/precision;

b) interrogating new MR-physics based mechanisms to develop, validate, and evaluate new MR-based markers, and;

c) evaluating our methods against current state-of-the-art reference techniques using MRI, measures from other diagnostic imaging modalities such as PET, X-ray, CT, and Echo, as well as against patient outcome information obtained through collaboration with clinical investigators.