2018.01.31 - MRTD Lab Welcomes two new ARC PURE & MIND students!

Congratulations to Asma Shuaibi (BME `2020) and Neal (Nilkanth) Patel (BME `2018), who were respectively awarded the PURE (research) and MIND (design) awards from the Armour College of Engineering. They will spend the Spring 2018 semester working on their 10-week research and design projects.

Asma's PURE research project, entitled: "New Heart Tissue Biomarker Validation with Magnetic Resonance Imaging", will provide specific opportunities to gain initial research exposure to fundamental research methods, academic writing, and application of learned BME principles to conduct scientific experiments.  Her initial research focus will be on regional tissue measurement reproducibility, an important topic agreed by leading imaging experts as a priority task that warrants extensive validation.

Neal's MIND design project, entitled: "Extending Clinical Heart Tissue Scoring by Magnetic Resonance Imaging" will offer a BME software design experience that will eventually be used in the clinical hospital setting.  His project requires: learning concepts such as protected health information and anonymized data, how to handle imaging data, and developing a simple but robust software for physicians to better utilize and assess specific analysis features that has only been introduced on the newest of MRI scanner software system from the vendor Philips.

Again, congratulations to both Asma and Neal, and welcome to the MRTD Lab!