2018.08.18 MRTD Lab Updated! (Version 1.01) 

Our website has been updated!  Now we are at Version 1.01 (rev date 2018.08.18), with new lab members, summer research, and more!  

MRTD (re-) welcomes the following students into the group:

May 2018
Clinical Summer Immersion ENGR 499/599.
- Nanyque Sirkis (also continuing in 4+1 graduate program)
- Sze Lam Or (Primary Advisor: Dr. Kawaji)
- Eric Cunningham (Primary Advisor: Dr. Vaicik)
- Amreen Nasreen (Co-Advised by Drs. Kawaji and Vaicik)

Academic Writing Workshop (Faculty Innovation Grant with BMES+SWE)
- Akila Goel (Academic Writing Workshop Program Coordinator)

June 2018
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
- Asma Shuaibi (REU '18; from IIT-BME)
- Sarah Schroeder (REU '18; from Washington State University)
- Karolena Lein (REU '18; from Arizona State University)
- Madison Moucka (REU '18; from Texas A&M University)

Visiting Exchange
- Yudai Suzuki BS (Visiting Exchange; from Gifu University, Japan)

August 2018
Graduate Program
- Jacob Goes (MS-PhD Program; from Northern Illinois University)
- Austeja Staneviciute (returning from Summer Internship; Vaicik Lab Member)

Undergraduate Program
- Mark Dhom