2019.02.01 MRTD receives a 5-year $830,000 NIH Award

Professor Kawaji has received the NIH K25 award, a five-year $830,000 quantitative mentored research grant in the technical development and clinical translation of a potentially important biomarker to measure the amount of oxygen utility in the heart. The NIH K25 is a mechanism that allows faculties such as Dr. Kawaji to develop specific expertise while working with senior faculty colleagues. For the NIH K25, Drs. Tim Carroll PhD (UofC Radiology), Amit Patel MD (UofC Medicine - Cardiology), and Konstantinos Arfanakis (IIT BME) will serve as senior mentors.

Dr. Kawaji’s K25 committee additionally consists of: Drs. John Georgiadis PhD (IIT BME Chair), Roberto Lang MD (UofC Medicine - Cardiology), Takeyoshi Ota MD PhD (UofC Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery), John Blair MD (UofC Medicine - Cardiology), and Ajit Devaraj PhD (Philips, Senior Scientist).